Monday, 21 March 2016

Dedicated to Sheryl

My homie 101 is a very kind girl whom donates money whenever she see an elderly selling tissues or their talent. 
She is a very smart girl whom scores very well in her academics and life skills.
She is like my twin that like everything I like! From our styles, to our preferred genre, we're always the same.

Happy Birthday Homie! I hope you enjoyed your day with me because I enjoyed it a lot!

I enjoyed chatting with you in the cafe, talking about many things that happened to us recently.

I enjoyed singing with you in the 2 hour bus ride on our way home.

I enjoyed shopping with you, exchanging opinions.

I enjoyed eating food with you, criticizing people's food.

Lastly, I enjoyed your company.

Love, SSXLXTS Angelyn <3

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Chinese Fine Dining in Singapore [Tong Le Private Dining]

Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐,恭喜发财!Today, I am gonna share with you guys this unique place we went to celebrate my mum's 43rd birthday! 

Have you ever imagine yourself enjoying your dinner, admiring the beautiful skyline of Singapore? This is it! Tong Le Private Dining is located at OUE building which gives us a clear view of Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, Singapore flyer and the esplanade! Furthermore, with the concept of a 360 revolving tower you don't have to worry not being able to book the window seat! Not only you get to dine with a maleficent view, you also get to enjoy a scrumptious meal! 

I had to agree that Tong Le Private Dining's menu is very well planned. Every dish taste so great and also, served in such an unique way! Without further ado, let me take you through the foods we ordered here! (note: the staff told me that they change their menu every 2 weeks! So your experience may differ from mine if you visit them at different time of the year!)

There is a few course for us to choose from but we ordered the $138++/pax executive dinner set. It is a 7 course meal that leave your stomach home feeling very satisfied. 

Yellow Tail and Tuna "Lo Hei" 

Hands down one of the prettiest "Lo Hei" I've ever seen! The ingredient used in it is also not what we have usually: pickled onions, cassava chips, fried yam/carrots, candied walnuts and chef's homemade plum sauce!

Braised Cave Bird's Nest with Truffle in Winter Melon Broth

First time having bird nest not in its dessert form! The soup is good but I must say it's really quite salty... A bowl of rice will go very well with it! 

Steamed Scallop with Golden Garlic, Preserved Vegetables and Chili

Scallop is very tender and fresh. The fried garlic gives it a nice aroma. Love it! 

Chef's Homemade Sorbet

It may look like a normal like sorbet, but the way the serve it is really damn cool! Do you remember the lollipop where we lip it in some sprinkles and it will pop in your mouth? The sprinkles were used on top of the sorbet! This gave the sorbet a unique twist. Also, having something refreshing half way through our meal is really my first time! I guess it is to balance out the salty soup we had earlier! HAHAH! 

Braised Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Dried Scallop in Abalone Jus

Yummm! A really expansive dish with the 3 treasure of the ocean! But once again, a little to the saltier side and the abalone is a bit rubbery~

Pan-fried Lobster with Scallion Noodles

OH GOSH THIS IS MY FAVORITE OUT OF EVERYTHING!! The lobster is so fresh, so sweet, so delicious! Noodle taste like some Japanese noodles with a bit of chewiness, and together with the scallion oil, it smell and taste so damn good!! 

Sweet Peach Purée with Berries, Pomelo and Sago

Well plated dessert! Mixture of both sweet and sour is the perfect way to end our dinner tonight! 

Last but not least, we sang a happy birthday song for our mum with longevity buns pre-prepared by my sister and the stuff of Tong Le Private Dining! 

Tong Le Private Dining really satisfied both our visual and our taste buds! Highly recommend this place for you to celebrate your next big occasion. On a side note, this is a private dining place, and thus they don't entertain walk in guest. So you have to make an reservation 2 days before if you want to dine there! :) 

Tóng Lè Private Dining

OUE Tower, Level 8 & 10
60 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049322

By Reservations Only: 

Opening Hours (Mondays – Saturdays) 

Lunch: 11.30am – 3.00pm 
Dinner: 6.00pm – 11.00pm 
Closed on Sundays

What do you think about me having curled hair? Suit me not? HAHA

Till next time, ciao!

 ~ Angelyn <3

Sunday, 3 January 2016

2nd Day of 2016

Whatupsss everyone!!!

First and foremost :

Time really fly past so fast that we lost count in our footsteps, It has been a year already since ssxlxts have a chance to actually blog together, mainly because in 2015 we are both busy over o level and new ploy life environment that the time we have together to actually go for cafe hunting and even blog get lesser. And even so if we do meet up is always a very rushed meet up for lunch or dinner or catch a movie together to catch up with each other life. (which we think blogging about it is a bit useless cause i believe you guys won't want us to blog about eighteen chef where most of you are familiar of haha XD) 

We want to announce that we are finally back with another new blog post after so long together, like finally 123344455! (haha something we shouldn't be proud of XD) Today post content is mainly base on Angelyn's belated birthday celebration ! (Sheryl: super guilty cause i suppose to celebrate an advance birthday with her instead of a belated one :( ) so keep reading it! LETS GOOO~~~

Weather on the 2nd day of 2016 was pretty cooling, we both meet at our usual spot to go to somerset to have our lunch together at 49 seats cafe (we get into the detail of the cafe soon!) which located at orchard getaway level 8. During the journey there we pretty much catch up with each other life after not meeting for ages if we didn't remember wrongly. ( Yes, we sometime do lose count on how long we haven't been meeting)


We didn't actually get any picture of the cafe itself but we can roughly describe to you the setting of the cafe, it is pretty much doll up in a all suit metal inspire design which means everything thing in the cafe has a silvery in colour feeling which pretty much make it feel like old school canteen. We both order their MUST TRY item in their menu which were Tom Yum Seafood and Creamy Smoked Duck and one light bites: Cheese fries ( okay you guys must be like " siao uhh, cheese fries so mean stream you all still order to eat?!"but because of the Singaporean 精神 that when you see almost everyone in the cafe ordered it,it will means woah confirm super nice hor, thats why so many people order so must also order to try if not cannot call yourself Singaporean right? XD hahaha


Price: $14.90

*Angelyn's face excited to tried the 招牌菜*

We think Tom Yum Seafood was one of their 招牌菜 aka special dish because it was listed under a super big picture with a MUST TRY logo in the middle of the menu and priced at $14.90, we actually though that it was pretty affordable since it is a 招牌菜 so it must be good and provided that the seafood that came along with the pasta itself so we decide to give it a go not until the food arrive. Angelyn tried it and she think that the pasta noodle was over cooked meaning it doesn't have the chewy chewy taste (aka cooked till al dente) when we eat and the sauce provide was super thin that even before she finishes the pasta noddles the sauce was already running out and also it is not that flavorful enough. So overall rating we give it a 4/10. If you will to ask us if it is still okay to give it a try if you visit their shop. we will perhaps give you an answer of: you can give it a try at your own risk, not that we don't recommend you to try it just that we think maybe we that day abit unlucky la that we didn't get the taste that everyone in the internet have written reviews about how good it is. So maybe when you try it, it will taste better than what we tasted haha XD  

Creamy Smoked Duck

Price: $14.90

Next we ordered the Creamy Smoked Duck which we believe it is also the 招牌菜 just that maybe this one is the no. 5 in the food level position because it was located at the side with not so big picture but have a MUST TRY logo on it and priced at $14.90 too. We can said this dish is pretty much worth a go if you happen to come to this shop as the noodle cooked was just right but we definitely must give a thumb up to their creamy sauce, Sheryl tried it and she said that the sauce was really unique, nothing else she have tried before and together with the pasta the taste was good and just right! ( cannot describe how unique the taste, taste like, so this is the time for you guys to order it and taste it yourself!! teehee :B) The duck meat itself taste just okay like the normal one you can get outside, nothing special about it. Overall rating we will give it a 7.5/10 as we think it is worth the pricing and we do recommend you to try it when you visit here!

Cheese Fries

Price: $7.90

Okay so this cheese fries was basically ordered base on the Singaporean 精神 which turn out to be pretty disappointing. Both of us were actually quite excited about this dish because we wanted to tried out how it taste like or is it that there were any differences in the fries that make it so popular among people who came here however it turn out to be pretty normal, not only that, the fries wasn't that hot enough!! THATS THE LAST THING YOU WANT A FRIES TO BE! Soggy fries? NO THANKS! Therefore overall rating we will give it a 4/10 and with the price of $7.90, we think it is pretty not worth it as we can easily make it ourselves at home which we believe that it will be less than $7.90 itself. 

All in all, we think that this place is still a pretty decent place you can have lunch or dinner with your friends and families for gathering and small meet ups, even though we didn't have a good experience here we still think that we should not judge a book by its cover as there are still many many other choices of food that they have in their menu that we didn't tried but we think it is still worth the pricing of it! :) 

 Here are some information on their other food: 
-Main course that include fish, chicken, beef pasta : ranging price between $10.90-$14.90
-Lights bites: ranging price between $4.90-$9.90
-Sandwiches: ranging price $9.90-$10.90
-Sides: ranging price $5.90-$13.90


 Original Outlet 

49 Kreta Ayer Rd S(089007)
Opening Hours: 
6pm - 2am (mon-thu)
6pm - 5.30am (fri&sat)
Tel: 62254332


Orchard Central #08-08 // Bugis+ #07-04
Opening Hours:
11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 10pm (mon-fri)
11am - 10pm (sat&sun) whole day
Tel: 65095895 (OC)
Tel: 68844633 (Bugis+)


After our lunch we went to Victoria Concert hall to get some picture taking aka photo-shoot since we didn't do it for a long time so the hand a bit itchy la if you know what we mean *laugh die me emoji* hahaha and we do recommend you guys to come here for photo shoot or whatever shoot you guys want to try out la cause here is really drop deaf gorgeous until our self esteem drop to -0 (okay a bit exaggerating but then is true, you can see it yourself B)) Getting here is pretty easy, just take MRT to Raffles city then walk out of exit H then walk straight and cross the bridge that is next to the Fullerton hotel then wa laaaaaa you can see it!! You're welcome! ^^ so here is the out come of the picture!

The try-hard tumblr feel picture XD

 Guess the emoji we are intimating people!!If guess right then your prize is you are smart haha B)

Non-photographic VS
 Super photograhpic *laugh die emoji*

Angelyn: OH PLS!! What is this even? Don't listen to sheryl's crap! Her photos looked the best! She's just too shy to post it out~~ HAHA
 What are we doing?! *crazy girl mood 101* But if you don't know, we are doing the 命 sign!! Its a famous quote from 极限挑战6: 这就是命!

Super chio tourist in action XD

And this is a wrap! Hope you guys enjoying reading and once again thank you for taking your time to read it! We promise we were update this blog more frequently compare to last year , until then take care and BYE! ^^ *WAVING*


Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Hello there,welcome back! 

I celebrated my birthday this year in the Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora! It's a really special place where we dine in front of a huge aquarium filled with marine animals! The ambiance is nice, great food and awesome company! I'll share and review about the food we had in a while! ^^

My parents ordered the 6 course set dinner [$168] while my siblings and I ordered the 4 course set [$118]. They do sell all the food individually as well, but ordering the set makes it more worth it! 

A welfie before the food arrives~

Kuehpieti with Lobster Bisque
This is a complimentary dish specially created by the chef. Fusion dish which combines both Peranakan and french cuisine! Crispy shell, creamy soup with bits of lobster meat in it, yumm!

 42 °C Sous Vide Salmon [$28]
Consisting of salmon tartare, citrus minestrone, ikura and fennel!

 Chilled Watermelon & Tomato Gazpacho [$24]
Smoked Hokkaido scallop is of a nice texture with the watermelon sorbet giving it a refreshing twist! 

 Crispy Duck Foie Gras [$28]
Oh gosh, melt in your mouth foie gras with the crispy brick pastry, PERFECTION!!

 Smoked Eel [$28]
Sunchoke texture with duck foie gras terrine, taste like canned tuna... Nahh~~ Plus i still can't figure out what is that white thingy at the bottom!

 Rougie Duck Breast [$55]
As it's not fully cooked, the texture is really chewy. My brother said he took a long time just to eat one small piece of meat, HAHA not for weak! The yuzu-sweet potato puree taste weird to me too~ 

Crispy Skin Barramundi [$52]
Just a piece of very dry sea bass with green pepper broth. Do not recommend you to order this when you're there! Plus you will be eating the cousins of the fishes in front of them!! O.o

 Beef Wagyu Ribeye MS6 [$118]
Rare cooked beef, the perfect doneness! Seared with still 75% red through the centre, resulting in a tender and juicy meat! Many do not dare to try rare beef, but its actually the best doneness for a good piece of steak! Paired with parmesan mash, mushroom duxcele and smoked onion puree, IT'S SO GOOD!! The brown powder there is cep "soil" which I have absolutely no idea what that is.

 Green & Red [$24]
Don't waste your money eating french toast there! I can even make a tastier one at home. :/ The strawberry sorbet isn't good either~

Mont Blanc [$20]
Now this is what you called dessert!! Brandy, chestnut paste, hazelnut meringue with vanilla bean ice-cream, this is the best mont blanc i ever had!! Not too sweet yet still a nice treat for dessert! The piece at the bottom had a texture tart but taste like a cake! I LOVE IT OMG!! I even ate half of my sister's potion cuz she's too full already! <333333

There is still a Lobster Dumpling & Croquette and Citrus Refresh included in my parent's set dinner but i didn't manage to snap a photo of them!

And because its my birthday, they gave us a complimentary cake!! Doesn't taste good but must take cuz free marh~ *So Singaporean* 

We also brought our own cake actually! HAHA Cuz my mum say if don't have birthday cake don't look like birthday celebration, so we got a small one! Note that no outside food is allowed to be consumed inside the restaurant, so we just took it out for photo taking~ hehe

As usual, all atas restaurant has dim lighting, thus, photos taken were quite grainy!

Another family photo with the gorgeous background!

Come my blog of course must have my selfie right? So heres one! HAHA BHB LEVEL MAX

Overall, they serves really delicious food with great ambiance. Cost wise, it's quite overprice! But they spend so much money to built the tank, buy the fishes, so need cover cost marh! HAHA You should come and experience if you are having any special occasion! Definitely a great experience that would last a lifetime. :')

~ SSXLXTS Angelyn